The Death Agreement

Author: Kristopher Mallory
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2014


Jon Randon recounts the life and death of his best friend. After a brutal injury leaves Jon trapped in a nearly decommissioned medical hospital, he tries to find the man he used to be by exploring the closed down sections of the military base. When a secret room dating back to the civil war is uncovered, Jon learns that some discoveries can't be forgotten. Part One of the Jon Randon Series.Dedicated to memory of Major Jesse Taylor.We made a pact. He lived up to his end by dying. I tried to live up to my end by following The Death Agreement.What you will find within these pages is a true recounting of a man's life as seen through my eyes. It's almost an impossible task when some of what you see can't be real and what is real you may refuse to see.Human beings have a capacity to dread the truth, to distort facts when they don't fit our predefined notions of how the world should work. We forget that reality isn't what we want it to be. We ignore the signs that our universe doesn't care about us. It constantly changes to suit its own needs. Nothing is perfect. This includes the focus of my story. People come and go. Pieces don't fit neatly together. Doubt clouds judgment. Mistakes are made. All hell breaks loose when no one is looking. I guess that's how life is supposed to be.For me, it doesn't matter anymore. What happened, happened, and I'm still bound by the terms set.Please consider this dedication a warning sticker. Come in if you dare, leave if you don't. Some might call this experience horror. It is that, no doubt, but at the root I suppose it's a tale of transformation.Speaking of transforming: Have you ever stood in a dim bathroom and stared at a mirror? For the past 18 months, I've done that every day. What I see in the glass consumes me. My silhouette fades into a thousand different terrifying faces; each sharpens to crystal clarity before morphing into someone else. I don't know who these people are, but I recognize them all. I've learned that what we see isn't a reflection. We are the reflection.My name is Jon Randon and I'm going to tell you a story.