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CHARACTERS: Alexander “Alex” Casamuki- Cruz. Alex is a kind doctor who tries to help his patients as much as he can. He is 33 and has black hair and green eyes. He doesn’t pay attention to family, he mostly focusses on work .He has a pale, but not pasty complexion. His best friend and co-worker is Joe Payne.

Joseph “Joe” Kawaii- Payne. Joe is very rough with his patients .He just wants to get his job over with and go home. He is 35 and has blonde hair and bluish- greyish eyes. He has a very pale complexion, since he doesn’t enjoy being outside often. His best friend and co-worker is Alex Cruz.

John “Johnny” Cabusai- Velez. Johnny is the ghost of a boy who was sent here when he was a child, and he died as a child. He stays at the Saqqira Mental Asylum hoping to find his father, who he was separated from when he was sent there. He has a light bluish hue to his skin .He has green eyes and black hair. He is 10 years old,


Saqqira Asylum, June 25th , 1923

“Is he awake?”

“I don’t know, check.” Just as the doctor turned his head….

“WHERE AM I?” was written on the wall in blood. “Oh my….god!” screamed Alex . “LET US OUT!!!” The doctors screamed in unison. They were banging on the door of the cell, but it was no use, the door was locked from the outside. “Do you have a light?”

“Nope.” Said Joe.

“I hope we aren’t in here for long.”

“Why did I have to check on the most insane person in the asylum?” Alex Cruz thought to himself. “Ah, I need to stop being such a baby and thinking about this stuff.” Alex thought. But Joe Payne was seriously worried.

“I am not mental…..”Alex heard a man saying in a grim tone.

“I brought you your medication.” said Alex. The doctor turned and saw that it wasn’t his patient at all. It was a person with their spine crooked, in an unnatural way. Their eyes…they weren’t there.

“I DON’T NEED YOUR STUPID PILLS!” screamed the creature. “IT WOULD BE AN HONOR TO KILL A FILTHY DOCTOR LIKE YOU!” “LOCKING ME IN HERE!” The intensity of his screams made the doctors shake in terror.

“I didn’t do this to you!” screamed Alex.

“LIARS!” screamed the creature.”

“There is no reason to lie!” “WE DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU!’ screamed Joe.


“I don’t know what to do!” “God…I can’t die like this!” “I won’t go down without a fight!” “I will try to steal the scissors!” thought Joe. The door started to open in the dark room. It was Steve, one of the crazy, but not violent patients, he was actually kind of nice.

“HOW DARE YOU INTERRUPT ME?!” “I WILL CUT OUT YOUR EYES!’ screamed the creature.

The creature screamed crazily. “AHHHH!” screamed the creature, with its unholy voice.

“RUN!” shouted Steve. The doctors ran and ran. They couldn’t find a way out. They have spent all of this time working here, and couldn’t find an exit! They heard multiple screams of agony for hours….and then………silence.

They just ran and ran until they couldn’t even move their legs. They never noticed how big the asylum was. They both collapsed on the floor next to each other. “I….can’t…run…..any….more...” said Alex, out of breath.

“I’m tired too.” “But you don’t see me acting like I’m dying.” Said Joe, feeling perfectly fine.

“I’m not the most in shape person in the world…” “Actually….I am the least…” “But still…” Alex just trailed off into thought, wishing he could run as much as Joe. He shouldn’t be thinking about being jealous of someone right now. His life was on the line.

Alex wished he had some water and food, but he remembered he forgot his lunch at home. “Man…” He said to himself.

“What?” asked Joe.

“I forgot my lunch!” said Alex.”

“You should be worried about LIVING!” “Not LUNCH!’ said Joe.

“I never said that I was that worried about it!” said Alex.

“Fine…whatever you say.” said Joe. They both sat there. One of them sleeping and one watching guard. Joe didn’t really trust Alex, he thought he was weak, and didn’t let him be guard for long times. Alex trusted Joe to keep watch, though. He saw that he was brave or maybe just dealt with his fears.

“He’s better than nothing.” Joe thought to himself as he drifted off to sleep. He just hoped that this was just a dream, and that he would wake up in his bed. Joe slept for 30 minutes when Alex tapped him.

“It’s morning.” said Alex.


“Where can we go?” “I can’t stay in here forever.” said Alex.

“Let’s go to the bathroom, then the cafeteria, I am hungry.” said Joe.

“Sorry to break it to you….but I don’t think we will be alive if we go there.” said Alex. “How can you be so calm?” “WE JUST NEARLY DIED!” “AND STEVE JUST GOT KILLED!”

“SHUT UP!” said Joe in a loud whisper. “We don’t need any more crazy people after us!”

Just a young boy, who had a dead look to him said, “Dad?” Alex felt bad for him, but he knew about ghost stories, this is how people got killed. The ghost came closer to their hiding spot. They tried to hold their breath.

“DAD!” screamed the boy in excitement. He ran over and hugged Alex.

“I-I.” stuttered Alex. “I am not your dad!”. The boy laughed.

“Stop playing Papa!” said the boy. Joe noticed that they did look eerily similar. “Papa, you are in trouble, some of the older people let out the patients,” “And they are looking for you, and are trying to kill you in slow and painful ways.”

“Why?” asked Joe.

“They are mad about how long you have locked them up and how mean you were to them.” said the boy. Joe did remember how horribly he treated them. He would throw ice cold water at them with no clothes on, wouldn’t give them food for weeks on end, and he would barely give them their medication.

“Now I am regretting all of it…” mumbled Joe.

“What?” asked Alex. Alex was mutual with patients. He didn’t mistreat them, but he wasn’t kind to them either.

“Nothing.” said Joe. “They want me.” Joe thought to himself. “And Alex has the ghost boy on his side!” “Geez, I would even think he was his real son if he wasn’t a ghost!” Alex and the boy both had short black hair and green eyes.

“What is your name?” asked Alex.

“My name is Johnny Velez!” “You already know that!”.

“So….what can we do to live?” said Joe impatiently.

“I am sorry, sir.” said Johnny. “I am going to tell you!” Johnny seemed upset that he made Joe mad. “You have to help the ghosts….” “

“He was and still is a very evil man.” said Johnny. “He would kidnap and torture the souls who came here in the afterlife.” “And none of the patients could stop it.” “We have to help them get Xerxes.” “And you know this is a big hospital.” “Xerxes is in here.” “On one of these floors.” “He may even know we’re talking about him…”

“How long is this going to take?” asked Joe.

“However long it takes us to find him.” said Alex. “We have to start- !” Alex was cut off by a loud moaning sound.

“Uhn.” “Ughhhhnn” .There was a figure at the other end of the dark hallway. The figure seemed unreal…like it wasn’t even there. It had no face. No eyes, ears, or any features. Only a shadow of someone’s life. Someone’s horrible…dreadful …. life…

“GET OUT.” Said the figure. It had an unearthly voice. The three figured it was the devil himself. They didn’t have to be told twice, they ran out of there as fast as they could.

“I have heard many voices in my time working at the mental hospital, but I have never heard any voice come near to that.” Said Joe.

“What was that?” asked Johnny.

“It sure isn’t any human, that’s for sure.” Said Alex.

“I know this is the worst idea……. but I want to check the basement.” said Joe.



“WE HAVE OUR LIVES TO LOSE!” shouted Alex.


“Stop!” shouted Johnny. “You fight more than me and my brothers!”

“SHUT UP, KID!” shouted Joe.


“Why are you getting so mad about this?!” asked Joe. “It’s stupid!” “It was just an idea!!”


“He was just holding me back, anyway…”Alex thought to himself. Alex knew he was afraid to be alone, even more than with someone. Alex walked when he came across a spot on the long, dark hall with some writing on the it. “Is this some type of graffiti?” he asked himself.

“Can’t be...some sort of….” Alex knew what it was. He just didn’t want to accept it. It was some sort of satanic writing. There was an Ouija board…and a pentagram.

“Oh, I am not getting into this demonic….” He got too caught up in shock to curse. “I thought this place was supposed to help people….not to get doctors caught up in something with the devil!”

“Oh this is too much...” “How am I-,” “Demonic-.” “Demonic mental patients. Nice.” Alex said sarcastically. “I knew I should have been an accountant.” “Let’s see if there is anything useful in here…” Alex began searching the room.

“I don’t see anything…” said Alex. It seemed like hours Alex was searching the room, but it was only ten minutes. He saw a little piece of paper stuffed into a crack.


The writing on the note made Alex freeze. Made his heart pound. He started thinking of horrible things coming out and getting him. He started looking around frantically, wishing he hadn’t parted ways with Joe and Johnny. He knew that that was what always happened in scary stories. “I’m stupid.”

“How could I do something so stupid?!” Alex started throwing everything in the room. This hospital was driving a sane person insane. He ran out into the hallway. “COME AND GET ME!” “IF YOU’RE SO “SCARY”,COME AND SCARE ME!”

Alex started going into another room when he noticed this room was cleaner than the last. He started trashing that room, too. He was turning a good room into a dump. Why? I don’t know. It seemed that he was going insane.

Alex saw a note lying in a nice little drawer, neat and clean.


“What is this suppose to mean?!” asked Alex. “You’re making puzzles now?!” Alex was angry now, he didn’t care who you were, even if you were a demon.

Alex went out into the hallway. He went into a room, but it was already messed up. This made him even angrier. He couldn’t wreak havoc on this room. He decided to search the room. Maybe there is a clue on how to meet the demon. For some reason he wanted to fight the demon. It wasn’t like he could hurt it though; it was just in the heat of the moment.

He started walking out, when he saw a paper jammed into the door frame.


This is when everything that was happening to him sank in. He couldn’t fight this demon. He wasn’t tough. And he most definitely couldn’t face this creature. “I need to hurry up!” Alex said to himself. “I have wasted too much time already breaking things!”

Alex ran out of the hallway as fast as he can and began searching all of the rooms. He through all of the things he was done searching. He didn’t care what he broke. He finally came to a room that looked nothing like the others.

This room had fancy bedding, not trashy at all. It smelled wonderful. He saw that the room had a closet. He was afraid to look inside, but the room was so fancy…. He had to!

“I’m going to search the room first. Maybe there is a note telling me to not go in there…” Alex said to himself. He began searching the room, but the room was taken such good care of, he wouldn’t dare mess it up.

“There aren’t any cracks…” said Alex. He was very careful not to mess up the sheets of the bed. He looked all around the floor, but there were no cracks. He looked under the bed, but nothing. “This room is too clean!” “Man, I have never said that before.”

“Well, there is nothing telling me not to.” “And it is the only chance of getting out” “or certain death.” “Well… only one chance.” He began going to the closet, care free, calm for being in this situation.

He inched his hand, very slowly, toward the box. He was afraid, he didn’t want to stay here forever, but he didn’t want to die. There might be something in the box.

“I can’t deal with this!” he said. He sat down on the bed to recollect his thoughts. “I don’t have to be fearless,” “I just have to face them, and deal with them.” He said to himself.

Alex walked over to the box as calmly as he possibly could, and opened it fast.


“AHHHH!!” Alex screamed as loud as he could. I guess he was expecting something. “I spent all this time, and nothing is in here?!” “I’m stupid….stupid, stupid, stupid!”

“Well, better start searching for whatever that note was talking about.” “Something with wool….” “Probably a shirt or something.” Alex literally jumped into the closet. There was so much space.

There were the fanciest clothes in that closet. Everything was clean, and made of fine fabrics. “I have never been in a walk in closet before.” Said Alex. Alex looked everywhere, amazed by what he was seeing. “A king must’ve lived here!”

“There is a couch in here too?!” shouted Alex. He attacked that couch. He sat on it, and he sunk into it. “I am way too excited about this.” “There must be a secret or something; this room is too big for nothing.”

Alex began to press up against walls, looking for a secret door, or a note. ”Nothing.” He began pulling books out of the book case; he read it in a book. Finally, on the thirteenth book, he because began falling forward at him.

He was lucky he put his hands out in time.

“Well... let’s just put this over here….” Alex flung the book case. I guess he forgot about not ruining the room. “Huh, look at that.” There was an odd drawing of a black figure, an unusually tall one, walking down a hallway.

“That’s actually pretty good.” Said Alex. “Too bad it’s on the wall.” “Bit scary, but that is what artists do, they are weird like that…” He picked at the piece of old wallpaper covering a part of the drawing. He found a paper. It was a picture of a boy, who was strangely tall. On the wall….


Xerxes’ Journal

Saqqira Asylum

“Get over here, freak!” That stupid nurse yelled at me. I hate it when people call me names like that; I am human too, right? So this is what happened: That old stupid nurse said “Follow me! You are too stupid to even follow a simple direction!” I began walking toward the old woman down the old urine smelling hallway. The hallway disgusted me, it always had.

I had been boiling since that nurse called me a freak. I wasn’t like the others. I could think, talk, I am actually smart, I can even read and write! The only thing that made me a freak is that I am different. My mama said that it was good to be different, to be your own person, but ever since she died, and I got sent here, no one else had thought that.

“It must be ripped off of something.” Said Alex. “I can’t find anymore of it.” “Might as well keep it, might be useful.”

As soon as Alex put the piece of paper in his pocket, it hit him. “Isn’t that the name Johnny was talking about?”, he thought to himself. He knew now that he should definitely keep the note. Alex went back into the dark, secret room. As soon as he went in, he felt uneasy. Like there was an evil presence.

He also saw that it just wasn’t one room. It was a long, long hallway. He knew that he probably shouldn’t go down there, probably something that is trying to kill him, but he just had the urge. “I don’t like being alone.” said Alex.

“I wish I still had Joe and Johnny.” Alex sat down against the wall, wishing he hadn’t left the others. Wishing he could’ve fought the anger. Wishing he hadn’t shouted at them. Why would they want to take him back? He screamed at them, he could’ve gotten them killed!

But most of all, he wished he hadn’t been at work today.

When Alex woke up, he wasn’t at home, in his bed. He was startled, wondering where he was. Then he remembered the awful truth. He wasn’t at home, he wasn’t dreaming, this was all reality.

He still didn’t know where he was. It even took him a while to even notice that he was chained up, he was so shocked from not being in the same place he went to sleep.

He began pulling at the chains, but it just ended up hurting him more. Then it hit him, he was behind the main desk. “If can just…pull this out of the wall.”, said Alex.

As soon as Alex got free, a black, tall figure appeared. It had no features, the same as the one before. Alex was so afraid, he couldn’t even move. The figure began to move closer and closer to him.