Zombies Don't Write Valentines: A YA Paranormal Story

Author: Rusty Fischer
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2013


Once upon a time, Sarah and Brody dated. Now he's one of the living dead, and can't remember her name. Or... can he? When Brody asks Sarah to help him make a Valentine's Day card, she'll find out whether or not zombies can still remember what to do on February 14th!A small biotech company has found a cure for Hemorrhagic fever, the most deadly virus on earth. Could it be real? Ebola outbreaks in West Africa have threatened, on more than one occasion, to spread around the world. There has never been a cure for the disease. The virus mutates and is seldom the same strain, but The Global Hemorrhagic Institute, located in the U.S., has provided new medicines that stopped the last two outbreaks.GHI has developed scientific models for predicting the disease metamorphosis with amazing accuracy, with the prospect of eliminating it. With this knowledge, they've had cures ready when needed for two recent outbreaks. This news has ignited medical communities around the world and the wealth of the GHI founders is growing exponentially with each success. But there's a diabolical side to this success with deadly consequences.