Writer's Club

Author: Earnest Long
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2017


A girl attends a writer's club. But will it give her what she is looking for? She may just learn to writer better. Or will instead, her tutor traumatise her? And what is the burning question she has to ask about horror fiction? The story will tell. Read it if you like a twist in the tale and a burning question answered..What will you do when the creepers come?Summer is coming! Things are beginning to thaw in the ice cube field to the north. When a villager of the Snow-Block-Wall deserts, Nerderd Spark must intervene. The villager warns of creepers coming to life as the world becomes warmer. Nerderd calls it madness and sends the villager back to the wall to stand vigil.Meanwhile, Nerderd's sons have found a modified pair of wolves that continue to produce one wolf for each Spark child. He fears having to explain why he has brought six wolves home to his wife, but she has news of her own -- the Arm of the King, her brother-in-law has died under suspicious circumstances in King's Squatting.Far to the south of Nerderd's holdfast, the daughter of the old king will not wed her barbaric suitor. She will make up her own mind about whom to marry, thank you very much, and her brother will just have to learn to live with the consequences.//Note to parents. This is a mild-mannered parody. It contains nothing inappropriate. We encourage parents to read this and all books to know what your child is reading. The scariest thing it contains are creepers, although come to think about it, creepers are pretty darn scary. It is recommended for ages 9 and up.//