The Holocaust of Roses

Author: Thyerik
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2014


A weird short story : Alison, an opera singer is going to play her first part, but the whole thing is going to turn out in a strange way.Colleen has lost him once. She doesn't want to let it happen again. A professional American racing driver in Europe on a shoestring budget, Dan Thornton is gifted behind the wheel. But when the former love of his life turns up, his feelings get complicated, and the Mille Miglia, a thousand mile race around Italy, demands full attention. Someone at the pinnacle of the Nazi hierarchy has hatched a devious plot, as the Holy See and Pope Pius XI's statements on racial science and National Socialism are unwelcome and a threat to Nazi ambitions. Still very much in love with Dan, Colleen Bryant must use him for the sake of truth and freedom, at the risk losing Dan a second time.