The Help Clinic

Author: WR Armstrong
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2013


Scott Markham has no recollection of events leading up to his arrival at The Help Clinic. It is Spires' job to help him to remember, but perhaps Scott doesn't want to do that. Perhaps the reality of his situation is too much for Scott to bear.Please review my free story.In the sixth episode of Earth, Book One of The Hrwang Incursion, the stakes are higher for Eva as she tries to insinuate herself into the Lord Admiral's inner circle. Other survivors prepare for war. Wolfgang's newly found sniper skills are tested and 1804 learns the fateful outcome of its decision.Acting President Hollis takes an experimental rocket the aliens missed into orbit to discuss terms, while Stanley continues to feel helpless and stuck at Hearst.Don't miss a single episode! Each one can be downloaded for free at