The Burnt Refuge

Author: Artie Margrave
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2012


Gerry Broker inherits a voice from his dead grandfather, Joel Broker. Pestered by the voice, he's led to the town Joel Broker had worked as a policeman, to a year old burnt and isolated house. What secrets did the house have that connected the voice to his grandfather and what did the voice want from him?After the death and cremation of Joel Broker Senior, his grandson, Gerry Broker's mind is occupied by a voice he believes to be a representation of some intangible being. Seeing visions of death induced by the voice, Gerry is led to a silent town where his grandfather had worked as a policeman and where he'd retired as an invalid, and is further directed to a house, burnt, empty, isolated but seemingly contains a secret. What connections did the house have with the voice in his head and his grandpa? What did the voice want from him? What did he expect to see inside? These were the questions that filled Gerry's mind as he entered into the house. In the end, he discovers that certain questions are better left unanswered.