The Arm and Flanagan

Author: David Dvorkin
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2012


When Jimmy Flanagan returns from war with one arm missing, he's one of the lucky ones. First, because he returned alive. Second, because an experimental program allows him to be fitted with an advanced, high–tech artificial arm. Now he's free of the Army, he has a new arm that's better than the one he lost on the battlefield, and his girl has been waiting for him. He should be a happy man....Kayla Covington is a Private Eye for all occasions on the alien world of Pheros. She is the one you hire to find what you have lost, to glean information on a rival to use against them, or to discreetly remove something that could cause embarrassment. She thought she had seen and heard it all, that was until she was hired to infiltrate a secret society to uncover their secrets and steal their prized artifact. Now the only question that she cares about is, will she make it out of this alive?