Only In Her Dreams

Author: Aubrea Summer
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2013


What would you do for your one true love? Would you lie? Would you kill? She lies sleeping in the upstairs bedroom as he paces the halls relentlessly. His world is torn in half, and she is the blade that severed it. His love for her runs deeper than blood, deeper than the boundaries between right and wrong. Tonight, he's going to prove it to her. Tonight, she'll finally see things his way.How far would you go to win the heart of the one you love? Paul would do anything for Alessa, absolutely anything. There are certain lines you cross, however, and you cannot cross back. One jealous moment, one bad decision, one long nightmare you can't escape. This short story offers a twisted version of true love, and all the dirty little deeds it empowers.