Night of the Were-Squirrels

Author: Drew Beatty
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2011


Danny thought his biggest problem was being a downtown kid trapped in farm country. Then he found out about the Were-Squirrels. The back alleys of Toronto have not prepared him for this.In a Japan that never was ... Yamabushi Kaidan is a mountain monk with tremendous fighting ability and spiritual powers, Yumi is a brilliant but untested warrior, fighting for her village and her independence, and Kaidan's apprentice Akio is a gifted healer with a courageous heart, but can their combined prowess save the village of Kyuusai from the onslaught of the Smoke Dragon, an evil never before seen in the Autumn Valley?The Smoke Dragon is a Ditmar and Aurealis Awards finalist.The Adventures of Yamabushi Kaidan continue in The Mist Ninja.