Monster Proof

Author: Scot McAtee
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2013


Winston Manor is “Monster Proof.” The eccentric old millionaire that owns it has spent loads of cash on the ultimate home defense system that repels every invader, no matter what species it may be. But is he, or Winston Manor, prepared for Judy Barnes?Tucked in an empty corner of the Great Plains lies Winston Manor, the “Monster Proof” home of one Mr. Winston, a rich old eccentric who believes in all sorts of scary monsters. He also believes they're out to get him, which is why his spacious mansion has the ultimate home defense system. Nothing can get in because nothing can even reach the building.Judy Barnes is a young journalist who has managed to wrangle an interview from the old coot. She's determined to find out just how monster proof Winston Manor really is for reasons that will quickly become apparent, but will it be too late for the old man to see what's hiding below her Plain Jane appearance?