Mary, in Need of Belle

Author: Brian S. Wheeler
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2013


As the oldest of Kay's daughters, Mary feels it her obligation to protect her sisters who crowd the tight hallways of the trailer they call home. Mother Kay's husband regards Mary and her sisters with dangerous eyes, and Mary feels the footsteps of Belle creeping up behind her. Mary knows that if she cannot protect her sisters that Belle will discard her spirit to make whatever stand Mary cannot.Mary cannot deny that danger crowds whatever space in her trailer not occupied by one of her many younger sisters. She is old enough, and weary enough, to recognize the terrible appetite burning in the eyes of her mother's most recent husband. Mary might wish to ignore the peril, but old dame Queenie burns Belle's favorite, clove cigarettes, plays Belle's favorite songs, decorates the children in Belle's favorite costume jewelry. Mary understands that Queenie has no faith that she can protect her younger sisters, and Mary knows Queenie follows all the steps to summon Belle. And Mary knows there is no room for the both of them. For if Belle arrives to fight where she cannot, Mary understands how her soul will be cast outside to flutter in the chill wind.