If These Walls Could Scream

Author: J.R. Rodriguez
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2011


I've seen hellish things. I've had terrible acts committed within my walls by equally terrible people. I am in anguish. I am tormented. The ghosts of the long dead walk my floors. They fill me with dread and fear. I can't protest. If only I could be free. If only these walls could scream...I could let the world know of my never ending horror...In this supplementary short story to the Viator Legacy Series, Erin Lausten delves deeper into the mystery that surrounds Carlo, a character with more secrets than a prowling cat. A chance meeting in the night has Lisa wondering if her intuition has taken time off. Oozing charm and mystery, Carlo has her intrigued from the first moment. But once her intuition finally kicks in, it might be a little too late for her heart to recover