Halls of Desolation

Author: Mark Trimeloni
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2013


You ever thought about applying for a job you see in the paper. Ever wonder what psycho might be lurking behind the innocent words. A bloody thrill ride into a world of murder and madness. Leave sanity at the door. You've just walked into something you won't survive.It's Volume 4 of TIW shorts! The fourth collection and possibly the last of totally pointless exactly 500 Challenge and exactly 200 Weekend Quickie flash fiction stories/scenes word nonsense (plus a few specials, relays, newsflashes from the TIW blog and collaborations) to entertain you while doing whatever you do when reading. For myself, it was a long and tricky half year in The Iron Writer. Through troubles and difficulties, there was always the TIW Challenge waiting for me.I hope you enjoy these short snippets just as much as I enjoyed writing them, and thanks again to Brian and all the other Iron Writers for allowing me into their community…I wouldn't.