Grace Lost

Author: M. Lauryl Lewis
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2012


The dead have risen over night. Lifelong friends Zoe Kate and Boggs wake in the woods to find their world a living Hell. They flee to the mountains in hope of finding safety. Joined by two other survivors, the will face unimaginable horror and unthinkable tragedy.18+ for language, graphic horror and gore, and sexual situations.Caught in the middle of a zombie plague, Zoe Kate and Adam Boggs flee their rural hometown in search of safety in the nearby Cascade Mountain range. They are joined by two other survivors, Gus and Emilie. Infected, Zoe must also face the realization that she has developed a telepathic link to the living dead that fills her mind with darkness and evil. Facing unimaginable horrors and unthinkable tragedies, the group must fight both the living and the dead. Zoe and Boggs manage to fall in love while surrounded by death and despair. Before long, it becomes clear that the living dead do not play by usual zombie rules. Watch for the sequel, Tainted Grace, spring of 2013!