E'steem: Deadly D'lilah

Author: Shawn James
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2013


Bad girl gone good! Good girl in peril! Six months after events transpiring in The Temptation of John Haynes, former She-demon E'steem is now on the side of the angels. Further down the down the straight and narrow path, she's attacked by D'lilah a young ambitious she-demon out to move up the ladder in the Hierarchy of Hell. And the only way she can do that is by killing E' is about the first job I had at 20 years old and it goes on to describe some of the things I did and learned as I went on to over six years at that job. it is witty and has some good times in there as well as the small, but sobering affect of the ups and down of the job. I focus more on the good things for the most part because there was some fun things I have done while working for a dry cleaners in my neighborhood and beyond. I truly felt that job was the job that gave me freedom in ways no one could ever know as I had went onto other things afterwards.