Dead Jack and the Case of the Amorous Ogre

Author: James Aquilone
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2016


The first Dead Jack™ short story!The dead dick is hired to rescue a pixie from a nasty ogre. Jack has a simple plan to get her back, but will it work?Also included is the first chapter of "Dead Jack and the Pandemonium Device," the first novel in the zombie detective series.Book of magic is the second part of a sword and sorcery series that has all the tropes of high fantasy and fast-paced adventure. The stories are rounded, have independent endings and can be read as standalone shorts. Read together, they make for a longer adventure.This story introduces Dun, an apprentice wizard with unique talents. He returns in part four, The Isles of Krake and the upcoming fifth story Dog's Blade.1. Sword of the Sands2. Book of Magic3. Sword in the City4. The Isles of Krake5. Dog's Blade - Expected end of March 2017. Also expected around that time is Swords and Magic; bundle of the first five stories.