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Published year: 2013


"Chorus" is the first chapter of Eric Robert Nolan's debut novel "The Dogs Don't Bark In Brooklyn Any " and a stand-alone short story in it's own right. This short story and sample is intended as a gateway into the universe Eric has created. If you like this, for the full story please go to our website.“There was a time, Rebecca's father had told her, when wolves could not speak. She wished for that time.”A military unit on the front-lines facing against a deadly, terrifying enemy - super-intelligent Wolves. Wolves that have evolved, are hungry for the extinction of Man, and will stop at nothing to ensure that we are gone from this world forever.Taken from the long-form novel "The Dogs Don't Bark In Brooklyn Any More", Chorus provides a snapshot of a possible future for mankind.******Synopsis of "The Dogs Don't Bark In Brooklyn Any More" - Rebecca O'Conner is the daugh­ter of a hero, a vet­eran sol­dier of The Wolf War. Now, she her­self is a Cap­tain in the Spe­cial Ani­mal War­fare Ser­vice (SAWS), fight­ing against the super intel­li­gent wolves that have taken over the West Coast of the United States, as her father did.The Dogs Don't Bark In Brook­lyn Any­more spans two peri­ods of Rebecca's life; the tumul­tuous Brook­lyn child­hood that shapes her future, prepar­ing her for the sol­dier she must become, and her strug­gle to keep her­self and her squad alive as she pre­pares to meet her des­tiny. Her empir­i­cal mind rebels against the chaotic dreams that haunt her, sug­gest­ing a greater path than she can yet com­pre­hend as she seeks to find an end to the war.The enemy is smart, strong and fear­less; the odds are stacked against the human race. Is there hope for us in the war with the wolves? Will human­ity pre­vail and reclaim its place as the dom­i­nant species on Earth? Or will the great demonic hound that stalks Rebecca in her sleep close its jaws over the world and drive us to extinction?