Body Parts For Hire

Author: Artie Margrave
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2012


Let me tell you my story and maybe you'll be forced to change your mind and do as I say. I died in this place, deceived by that charming pup and her less charming she-wolf of a mother, both in the idiomatic sheep's clothing. You have a chance to believe me and save your life or suffer my own horrible fate. The choice is yours to make.A Ruth Ryan Langan Historical Romance Classic.Abby Market and her family join a wagon train heading West, leaving behind all that is familiar. A gunman named Rourke, a loner, a battle-scarred Union veteran, hires on to guard the wagon train to its final destination, California. Rourke finds himself drawn against his will to the tough, determined Abby. Across the miles, as they face the perils of death, disease and attack by those who would destroy them, Abby and Rourke band together to survive, and discover a love as fierce as the land itself. But when Rourke's bitter past threatens to destroy them, they must do everything in their power to survive, even at the cost of the love they have come to treasure above all else.