Blood Moon 3

Author: Cody Toye
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2015


From Short Fiction Horror writers Cody and Chandre Toye, Comes a freakishly delightful collection of tales so bizarre that they can only be found once in a Blood Moon. From a twisted Carnie to the infamous Snoodledoogen, this third volume is bound to send cold shivers down your spine.A modified business jet, loaded with sulphur dioxide, leaves the west coast of Africa headed for a mid-Atlantic release point. If engineers Brad and Vince and climate scientist Tamanna, with popular support of Sahel country politicians and their citizens, can negotiate their way through a military standoff, the world of some at least might turn out better as the climate changes. The message put out to social media, cast as a mix of real science and the heartfelt storyline people truly hear, will be crucial.