A Home to Die For

Author: Darrell B Nelson
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2012


Two short stories for your enjoyment.A HOME TO DIE FOR originally published in Alienskin Magazine.A man has interesting ideas about remodeling his home.THE ADJUSTER:Saving the world brings a high personal price.If they're going to whisper anyway, give them something to shout! The only thing that's kept me from being a nobody is my red hair, but most people still get my name wrong or call me: ‘Matchstick,' instead. You know… skinny body, big red head? I'd like to write my peers off as idiots but unfortunately, I owe a teacher for that one! Being invisible sucks. So to get some attention, I punched my boyfriend for dumping me for my best friend in the middle of math class, broke the school captain's leg and threw myself at the delicious new guy… right in front of the queen b-cup bi-artch Sonia, who wants Saxon too. I was shameless. Trampy… and now I'm bad news with no school spirit. ...Apparently. They call it: ‘Gossip' and not ‘The News' for a reason! I swear that I only did most of that stuff. I think. I don't know… I was pretty mad so it's hard to remember... and Saxon Clarke is so pretty that I could cry! Well, I'm not invisible anymore. And if that American PE teacher thinks that handing me a pair of Pom Poms is going to set me straight... then she's onto something. It's time for this Matchstick to light up. Just don't tell anyone I said that… this is high school after all, and liking yourself or hoping for anything is just asking for it...