Zombie Drug Run

Author: C.G. Banks
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2014


Former Vietnam bush pilot finds himself in a helluva mess when black magic, drug dealers and the walking dead try to make this run his last.Frederick Paol is a small-time drug runner who's been playing the averages too long. When a shifty friend of his turns him on to the Franklin brothers in New Orleans, his life goes into a dark spiral. Because the most psychotic of the two tries to play him, and Paol is not a guy who will take that lying down. In a completely irrational moment, he invites the brother to come along on the run and they soon find themselves in the jungles of Bogota, Colombia. Fighting back-stabbing drug dealers and a terrible storm, things go from bad to worse until Paol finds himself alone and hunted by a ghoul dredged up from the very pits of hell itself.