Author: H. M. Reynolds
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Published year: 2014


This is a sampler of four of my short stories. Please leave a review if you like it.If you like them, I have other books available online. These include:The Eight Hour Hell - a paranormal action thrillerEmergency Protocol Nine - a collection of science fiction, fantasy and horror short storiesEcocide - an ecological sci-fi thrillerRichard Ross, joiner, part-time local football referee, ordinary man, is about to get a shock.It's time to meet the relatives. But guess what? They're all dead. Even worse, they are his past lives and all share the same soul - his!With help from his Strange Relations, an angel named Joe, and Roberta (Australopithecus Robustus), Richard has to learn the last lesson of life so all will be allowed to journey towards the Light. Richard is the last of a very long line and everyone's last chance.One small problem though; Richard is in a coma and time is fast running out.