The Toothless Dead

Author: Dan Dillard
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2014


A group of neighborhood kids fear the Tootheater, a boogeyman who comes for them if they don't leave their baby teeth on a manhole cover by the overpass at the edge of town. When one of their friends goes missing and the others have to go find him, they discover an evil even deeper and darker than they imagined.Once Upon A Falling star, is a book consisting of five fairytales echoing the magic of the Brothers Grimm, with a modern twist. Based on the adventure and stories of Princess Sara, and Prince Khalid. The stories read easily, with underlying philosophies of good over coming evil, the importance of dreams, wishes and kindness. A delightful, entertaining read targeted at young children. Can be considered the third volume in the collection of "Once Upon A" fairytales.