The Man with the Devil's Tongue (A Prologue to The End of the World and Some Other Things)

Author: Kyle Warner
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2014


A gifted young woman with the ability to see and speak with spirits crosses paths with the Devil one night. A secret order known as the Gatekeepers reaches out to her, promising answers. The Gatekeepers give her a choice: go back to her 'normal' life where nobody understands her or her visions... or join the order, learn to control her gifts, and go in search of the Devil himself.April Frausini can see ghosts. When she was younger, her parents had treated her like a child with a broken brain. They took April to doctors. The doctors sent her to specialists. The specialists put her on drugs. And when the drugs failed to stop the visions, the specialists zapped her brain.After that, April told them that the ghosts had gone.She lied.Now she's in college and trying to forge a future for herself, but a chance encounter with a dark spirit in a bar puts a bit of a hold on things.A man named Jameson Talbot reaches out to her, explaining that there are worse things than ghosts to be afraid of. The spirit she saw the other night was no mere ghost, but the Devil himself in spectral form. If she chooses, Talbot promises to teach her to control her gift of sight, so that they may help others who have been tormented by these spirits, and potentially put a stop to whatever the Devil has planned.April must choose. Go back to a life where nobody understands her or her visions? Or follow Talbot, find a purpose, and walk down a dangerous path in search of the Devil himself?