The Beautiful People's Society

Author: Edward J. Yaeger, Jr
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2012


'The Beautiful People's Society' is a harrowing tale of a group of high school girls who share a gruesome secret, pushing a mutual obsession to the limits. Yaeger's taste for the macabre and twisted is anything but lacking as he cleverly navigates (and exploits!) the small-mindedness of cliques and the horrors of bullying.Product DetailsAfter a massive earthquake ravages the world, one man becomes trapped underground in his car. Darkness, lonliness, and isolation become his only friends. If that wasn't bad enough, his own sanity begins to waver away, as well. Over time, he begins to reflect on his life and learns some very valuable lessons. Can they help him escape the black place inside?-This microshort story (five and a half pages long) is a coming-of-age drama with underlying taoist and zen-like qualities. I wrote it for people who struggle to figure out who they are and their place within the world.