Tangled Intersections

Author: Eva Lefoy
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2015


In this space station drama, an old earth cartoon alien is the harbinger of death and dwarf stars take five million years to die as prisoner Rister finds out the hard way.In deep space, there's always some terrifyingly easy way to die…..For Nidi Station residents, sighting a certain alien cartoon creature indicates their approaching demise. But is the little green man a true harbinger of death or is he simply an ale-inspired hallucination? For new resident Dr. Maynard Grison, who's suffering from a severe identity complex, one more push is all that's needed to send him over the edge. The question is, which stimulus will set him off, the wastewater re-cyc green ale, being shadowed by Marvin the Martian, or the talking floorboards? Find out in this psychological space drama inspired by The Haunting of Hill House.