Remington Witch: A Teen Horror Story

Author: HC Hammond
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2011


Seven generations ago, the Remington Witch cursed the town with her last breath.Possessed and turned to wolves to serve the witch in 150 year's time. Time is up.The witch is back to stake her claim.Only 16-year-old Jackson Marner knows that the witch's curse is soon to be fulfilled. Only he can stop her before the Spring Equinox."Who's there?" Page rasped. She could swear someone was in the room with her. Some dark presence watching her, but Page couldn't see any movement."Who is there?" She asked again more loudly. The presence in the room stayed stubbornly quiet. Page reached over to turn on the lamp, there was no miraculous blanket of light flitting across the room. It wouldn't turn on. Page slide to the back of her bed, pressing herself against the wall. She curled her legs up underneath her body and pulled the blanket over her. She willed her pupils to dilate so she could see better in the darkness."Please, just go away," she whimpered. Across the room, something began to form in the darkness, a soft red glow. Page's harsh breaths grew more and more haggard in response. The form moved towards her. Its glow increased to a violent, bloody red."