I'm Sorry

Author: Greg Wilburn
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2014


After thirty-one years, eleven months, two weeks, and four days of endless agony, Thomas Wingefeld must die. In the final entry of his blood-smattered diary, Wingefeld relives his crime; all those years ago, he forced Arthur to become the sacrifice. And since that day, he's never been able to escape the weight of his sin. With his death as recompense, he hopes he can show Arthur he truly is sorry.In this short story, Thomas Wingefeld comes face to face with the horror of his existence as a result of betraying his good friend Arthur. He never meant to be a liar, a monster, a heathen, but that is what he became. And with each passing day, with each lie piled on top of the other, he can only hope to die. Not for himself, but for Arthur, his angel and savior. Arthur is the sole content of absolute truth, which starkly contrasts the half and eighth and forty-elevenths truths Wingefeld and all the other beasts tell themselves to justify their sins from so long ago. And the only way to heal, to find forgiveness, is to die. He must give of himself what he forced Arthur to surrender thirty-two years ago. That way he can truly say "I'm sorry."