Games of the Powerful

Author: William E Samela
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2013


(Second Edition Revised 10/06/13) Two people meet and two worlds join in a war unlike any wars ever fought. The CV USS Intrepid and the entire United States Seventh Space Fleet Task Force 70 is destroyed and the sole survivors are hurled into a world of wizards, knights, dwarfs and elves there the fate of both worlds will be decided.Mitch, Danielle, and Ethan are thrown into a world of magic. It is not by happenstance that this is so it is nothing more than games of the powerful. Pawns in the game of life and death where empires rise and empires fall their roles play a pivotal part in deciding the fate of others. Thrust from a world of science into a world of magic they must learn to adapt to a new and wondrous environment filled with immense good and equally evil inhabitants. They find inner strength in each other and new friends they never in their wildest dreams ever thought of meeting. They find tragedy and death perpetuated by an ancient evil that threatens not only their very existence but also life on two worlds. It is they and their new friends that must find a way to stop this ever-encroaching evil bent on the bringing darkness were light reigns.